Marriage and Couples Counseling

What are some of the signs that your may be relationship stressed?

  • You are living together like roommates. The intimacy you once had is gone.
  • Tired of fighting all the time, you walk on eggshells around each other.
  • You are worried how the children are being affected by the stress in your relationship.
  • Unhappy and sad you’ve tried to get your partner to understand, but feel it’s hopeless.
  • Even the little things lead to fighting.
Sonoma County Marriage and Family Therapy

Whether a new relationship or a relationship of long standing, couples may reach an impasse where a neutral third party can help facilitate change. Sometimes these challenges come from within the relationship–like differing styles of communication– and sometimes they come from outside the relationship–like financial problems caused by job instability. Whatever the source, stressors often impact relationships.

Partners often have vastly different styles of communication, ways of expressing anger and strategies for getting needs met. Character, upbringing and relationship experiences all contribute to how we form intimate bonds. Understanding the dynamics of how we operate in a relationship and how our partner operates can help bridge differences and build empathy.

I work with couples in Sonoma County who are struggling with communication, trust, parenting, intimacy or anger issues. I also provide premarital counseling, counseling to couples considering separation or divorce.

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