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"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside wakes."

—Carl G. Jung

Therapy nurtures the process Jung speaks about— looking inside and awakening. However, what brings us to therapy most often is not the desire to awake, but the need to find relief from turmoil and pain caused by life experiences.


Examples might include:

  • Being unable to make positive life changes

  • No longer feeling in love with one’s partner

  • Struggling with a family in transition

  • Failing to have fun and enjoy life


Transition, trauma, feelings of overwhelm may motivate your seeking help for yourself or for your relationship.

Discover Fulfillment in Your Life and Relationships

Professional support can transform your challenges into opportunities for positive change and increase self-understanding. As a therapist I use my training and experience to make an assessment and suggest a path towards healing and change. Through our work together you may:

  • Gain insight into your issues

  • Experience a renewed sense of well-being

  • Find ways to repair and revive important relationships

  • Discover a way to move forward


Get Counseling Support


In my practice I see individuals from around Sonoma County and beyond. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I listen to what you need and help you find practical and creative solutions to life’s dilemmas.


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